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2021 Ohio Soccer Outlook: New Albany FC

New Albany FC is one of Central Ohio’s newest clubs and a valued supporter of Columbus Soccer Moms and Dads (Premier Sponsor). Last month Daniel Fry, Club Coach and Marketing Director took some time to share with us a little bit about New Albany FC, their programs and what they are excited for in 2021.

New Albany FC provides a positive and competitive environment for boys and girls of all ages, skill levels, and abilities. Coach Fry explained that the New Albany FC mission is to “promote the individual development of each player and help them reach their full potential, both on and off the field. New Albany FC focuses on developing dedication, discipline, and above all else, teamwork while growing a passion for the game of soccer.”

A passion for the game of soccer is a common thread among New Albany FC’s coaching and administrative team. It only takes a quick glance at the many years of experience and accomplishments of their coaching staff to see why they are so committed to their players and the game.

The leadership at New Albany FC are excited for what 2021 will bring. Coach Fry explained that as a “comprehensive soccer developmental experience” they offer “the highest quality and value to players of all ages.” The year 2021 will bring New Albany FC players the opportunity to participate “in multiple high level tournaments, area showcase and local games each season.”

A comprehensive soccer development experience is more than a catchy phrase. It was clear when speaking with New Albany FC that they have put a lot of research into developing a program committed to this standard. We’ve included the information they provided below which includes detailed information regarding their approach to player development; building healthy habits and acknowledging social emotional development in addition to soccer and athletic progress.

New Albany FC: A Comprehensive Soccer Development Experience


Our focus with the U10-12 age group is to build fundamentals and practice healthy habits. We want these players to learn correct techniques, ball control, and how to communicate effectively with each other and their coaches. We also want kids at this age to continue to enjoy the game of soccer and start to help them brainstorm their future with the game.


Our focus with the U13-14 age group is to create an environment in both practice and competition where players begin to think independently and make steps towards problem solving. Our goal at this age is for our players to develop confidence that can be translated into proper decision making and superior technical skills that will lead to good habits as they transition into the next age group,


Our focus with the U15-16 age group is to continue to build confidence in our players to allow them to feel comfortable stepping into leadership roles among their teammates. We also strive to enhance individuals' non-dominant skills to make each player well rounded and a greater asset to their team. It is also our goal at this age to stress the importance of teamwork and being a team player to help make each player understand their role as a teammate and the importance of working well with others.


Our focus with the U17-18 age group shifts from developing the needed skills, to refining the skills players have and to allow them to reach the next level. At the highest level, our teams will be challenged to understand the different styles of play, how to break down an opponent as a team, how to defend properly, and how to apply professional level possession soccer at its best. We seek to give our players the tools they need to take their game play to the next level beyond high school.


Our 2021 Ohio Soccer Outlook Series is a look at what is up and coming in Ohio soccer. We've asked premier sponsors to share with us what they are most excited for in 2021. We have also reached out to local leagues, regional OSYSA and USCS tournaments and high school programs as well as the MLSNext programs in the state to share their insight into the year ahead. If you have an interesting take on Ohio Soccer in 2021,if you would like to become a sponsor or partner with us please reach out to us by emailing

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