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2021 Ohio Soccer Outlook: Central Ohio Premier League/Ohio Champions League

When looking ahead to Soccer in Ohio for 2021 we connected with Ken McMahon of the Central Ohio Premier League and Ohio Champions League (COPL/OCL). This US Club-sanctioned competitive soccer program is a fixture for clubs in Central Ohio.

COPL/OCL has provided for Soccer in Central Ohio what so many clubs have needed; a platform providing local, competitive play for teams of all competition levels. When I first started working with the league I was struck by the way they promoted community among all Central Ohio soccer clubs and rec programs. I don’t currently have any teams in the league (my son plays in OCL, I don’t manage the team or club) but I can genuinely say I miss their weekly calls. The way the league is organized is in so many ways inline with the philosophy of Columbus Soccer Moms and Dads. Clubs of all sizes are equally represented and heard within the league and all club leadership have an opportunity to communicate and network with each other weekly.

When we spoke with COPL/OCL they shared with us some of what they are excited for in 2021 and like so many of us they are looking forward to some of the basic luxuries of playing spring soccer that we missed in 2020. Ken McMahon reflected on 2020 saying “One year ago, our Spring Season, like all Spring 2020 Soccer in Ohio, was delayed multiple times before being canceled.” McMahon Continued by sharing. “We look forward to a successful Spring 2021 Season with a gradual return to "Normal" as the vaccine becomes more widely available throughout the Spring 2021 Season.”

I think we can all agree! If your club or team are looking for a league to join in 2021 you will want to consider the Central Ohio Premier League and Ohio Champions League. They are well organized and committed to the health and safety of players and coaches. Teams can register within their appropriate competitive division and schedule games with teams based on their developmental needs in addition to the teams in their own brackets. The league is affordable and there is no travel outside of Central Ohio making it the perfect option for Rec+ programs through the most competitive club teams.

If you would like more information you can reach out to Ken McMahon at

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