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9 Challenges for your Quarantined Footballers

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

We scoured the interwebs for some of the best soccer challenges out there. Join us on Facebook and post your own videos.


There are so many variations of this challenge but we put together some of our favorites.

1. Traditional: How many juggles can you get. Keep the ball in the air using any body part but your arms and hands.

2. Alternating Feet: So many kids can do a gazillion juggles on their dominate leg but it takes some work and skill to alternate just on the feet. Pop the ball off the ground and rotate feet, how many juggles can you get rotating feet, if you double touch or get a knee touch; start over.

3. 3 Low- 1 High: This is a tough one, take the ball off the ground and take 3 low touches then a touch at least 3 feet over your head. Control the ball when it comes down, without it hitting the ground, take 3 more low touches and send the ball high. How many juggles can you get with this rotation.

4. Toilet Paper Roll: This is our favorite and brought to our attention by local coach and trainer Tony Earp. Its appropriate with the toilet paper shortage that we would find a way to make lite of the situation. Take a new roll of toilet paper, pop it off the ground and see how many touches you can get without the ball hitting the ground.

5. Goalkeeper Juggles: This one came to us from Soccer Field Academy's Director of Goalkeeping, Jamie Harris. Get the ball over your head and two fist punch the ball. See how many punches you can get over your head before the ball hits the ground.

Fitness Challenges:

These are challenges parents can do along with their players for a little fit family competition.

1. Box Jumping Stairs: This challenge came to us from Coach Chad Prickett, Director and Owner of Columbus Goalkeeper Academy. This challenging should only be done under the watchful eye of an adult. Player stand with feet almost together and jump with both feet up the steps. Start with one step, then challenge yourself with two , then three. How many steps can you jump?

2. Planks: Possibly the most miserable challenge on this list. In one week how long can you improve your plank time. Start with a short time and each day increase your plank time.

3. Sock Basket Challenge: Lay on your back with a pile rolled at your feet and a sock basket at your head. Set a timer for 1 minute and see how many socks you can move from your feet over your head and into the basket.

Skills Challenges:

1. Pass, Chip and Back Heel Challenge: Its pretty simple. Set up a cone and see how close you can get with an instep pass, chip and back heel.

Join the conversation on facebook and let us know what other challenges you have seen out there.

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