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The Best in Ohio: Best Soccer Facility Parking

Wow! Yesterday we started our Best of Ohio series and you all came out in full force to vote. Today we are looking at facilities and want to know who has the best soccer facilities in Ohio?

Our next couple of polls will be about soccer facilities. Each day we will ask a different facilities question. Today we want to know which facility has the best options for parking?

We all know soccer parking has become as competitive as the games themselves. We want to know what complexes make it a little easier to manage getting in, finding a spot and getting out all without having to replace your car's shocks.

Which soccer facility has the best parking?

  • ForeverLawn Sports Complex/Hall of Fame Village (Canton)

  • Darice Complex (Strongsville)

  • Thompson Park (New Albany)

  • Bevelhymer Park (New Albany)

*this poll closes July 31, 2024

Don't see your facility? Contact us to learn how you can get involved with Ohio Soccer Moms and Dads.

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