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Columbus United SC 2010 Girls: A Year of Dual Triumph and Continued Success

In the competitive world of youth soccer, the Columbus United SC 2010 Girls made history in 2023 by clinching both the National President's Cup and the National USYS Championship in the same year. This exceptional achievement underscores the dedication, skill, and teamwork displayed by the Columbus United Girls 2010 Toffees and the Columbus United Girls 2010 Lions.

This post was written in collaboration with Columbus United Soccer Club who are OSMD Insiders and paid supports of Ohio Soccer Moms and Dads.

The Dual Victory:

Club Director Simon Davis shared his satisfaction, stating, “As a coach of 21 years, it has always been a dream to take a team to win a National Championship. To do this twice in the same year with the same age group is something I could not be prouder of."

The Toffees' Journey

The Toffees excelled in both the President's Cup and the National Premier Leagues (NPL), boasting a flawless record of 15/15 wins. Despite a scheduling conflict leading to a forfeited NPL final, their commitment and preparation were evident.

The Lions' Path

Following the Toffees' success, the Lions secured the club's first women's Ohio State Cup title. Their dominance continued at the USYS Regionals in Missouri, where they triumphed in the semi-finals and finals, earning a spot in the Nationals.

Coach Simon Davis was also awarded the USYS Competitive Female Coach of the Year for the achievements of these two teams.

Continued Success

Adding to the club's achievements, the 2010 Lions recently finished 3-0 at the USYS National League Conference Playoffs, earning them a spot in the Champions Pool at the next event in February. Meanwhile, the 2007 Lions also made their mark by going 3-0 at the National League Conference Playoffs, qualifying for the National League P.R.O. The team will compete in the Champions Pool, showcasing the depth and success across Columbus United's various girls programs.

The Columbus United SC 2010 Girls' dual triumph is a commendable achievement, highlighting the commitment and skill of players, coaches, and the entire club. As they savor their historic success, the focus now shifts to the future, with Coach Simon Davis expressing the club's pride and determination to set new goals for the upcoming year. 

The Columbus United B’07 Lions and B’08 Lions also qualified for the P.R.O. event. 

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