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Insights from the Ohio Soccer Moms and Dads 2023 Survey

At Ohio Soccer Moms and Dads, our mission is to create a thriving online community where soccer parents can share their experiences, find valuable information, and connect with one another. We recently conducted a survey to gain a deeper understanding of our readers and their preferences. In this blog post, we'll delve into the key findings of our survey and highlight some of the feedback we received about our platform.

Key Survey Findings

Soccer Family Demographics:

  • 55% of respondents reported having only one player in soccer, suggesting that many parents are dedicated to supporting a single child's soccer journey.

  • 53% of soccer players are boys, while the remaining 47% are girls, highlighting the diverse nature of the sport.

  • 77% of our audience has players in U14 and younger divisions, indicating that a significant portion of our readers are involved with younger players. Only 23% have players in high school or college divisions.

Financial Commitment:

Regardless of family size, most families are spending less than $4,500 per year on soccer. Only 17% of respondents reported spending more than this amount.

On average, families with multiple players are spending between $2,500 and $3,499 per year. In contrast, families with only one player spend an average of $1,500 to $2,499 annually.

Feedback on Ohio Soccer Moms and Dads:

We received a variety of comments and suggestions from our readers about our platform. Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • Many readers appreciated the content and engagement on the platform.

  • Some users wished for more posts from different soccer clubs around the state.

  • New members expressed regret at not discovering the platform earlier.

  • Some users requested more information on tryouts and league guidance.

  • Others noted a desire for more content aimed at coaches of younger age groups.

  • There were concerns about the potential conflict of interest related to funding from soccer clubs.

  • The need for more guest playing opportunities was highlighted.

  • A few users expressed hesitancy in posting honestly in the groups due to the presence of coaches and other parents on the platform.

Tournament and Event Reviews

Our survey also asked respondents to provide reviews of soccer tournaments, camps, and events they had attended in 2023. The feedback was diverse, with both positive and negative experiences highlighted. It's worth noting that these reviews may not represent the opinions of all participants, but they provide valuable insights into the local soccer scene.

Positive aspects included well-organized events, great facilities, camps with experienced coaches, and enjoyable experiences for the players. However, some respondents mentioned issues like poor scheduling, overcrowding, inadequate facilities (parking primarily), and unsatisfactory refereeing as reasons for events being reviewed poorly.

A handful of events received nothing but positive feedback over and over again and those events included Grove City Fall Classic, Ohio Premier Invitational, Tippecanoe Mum Cup and Midwest Fall Cup.

About the Results

The survey results have given us a deeper understanding of our readers' demographics, preferences, and concerns. We appreciate the valuable feedback on our platform and will strive to address the suggestions and concerns raised. Additionally, the tournament and event reviews help provide insights for other parents looking to participate in local soccer activities.

At Ohio Soccer Moms and Dads, we remain committed to supporting the soccer community and providing a platform for parents to connect, share, and learn from one another's experiences. We look forward to continuing to serve our readers and enhancing their soccer journey. Thank you for being a part of our community, and keep the feedback coming!

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