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Joining the Rush: STAR Rush Cincinnati's Exciting New Chapter

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

We're excited to have Grant Leckie, Executive Director of STAR Rush Cincinnati, as our guest, emphasizing their youth soccer club's dedication to player development and fostering a supportive environment. STAR Soccer Club's recent affiliation with Rush Soccer in April 2023, as STAR Rush Cincinnati, marks a significant milestone, allowing them to maintain their identity while accessing a global network for regional, national, and international opportunities. As the world's largest youth soccer club, Rush Soccer brings a strong legacy of player growth, and this partnership offers STAR Rush Cincinnati players, families, and coaches improved player development, infrastructure, and a wealth of global soccer expertise.

This is a guest blog post provided by STAR Rush Cincinnati as a part of our collaboration with the club. STAR Rush Cincinnati is a Premier OSMD Insider and Paid Sponsor of Ohio Soccer Moms and Dads.

STAR Rush Cincinnati highlights new possibilities for player development as the first Rush Soccer partner in Ohio providing regional, national and international playing opportunities for youth

Youth soccer can be more than just a sport; with STAR Rush Cincinnati it's a journey of growth, development, and self-discovery. If you're a parent or a young player looking for a youth soccer club in Greater Cincinnati that prioritizes player development above all else, STAR Rush may be the right fit for your family. Our youth soccer club is dedicated to nurturing talent, fostering teamwork, and providing a supportive environment where players can thrive, with new opportunities for regional, national and international play.

In April 2023, STAR Soccer Club became the first Rush Soccer club in Ohio, adopting the name STAR Rush Cincinnati. STAR Rush builds on the legacy of STAR Soccer Club, which began in 2003 with the merger of three suburban Cincinnati soccer clubs: Finneytown Soccer Club, Winton United and Wyoming Soccer Club. For 20 years, STAR Soccer Club offered a full range of opportunities for youth soccer players in Hamilton County, Ohio. The new partnership with Rush Soccer allows STAR to retain their identity, structure and core values with the added benefits of joining a global soccer club which offers players, families, and coaches greater opportunities in the youth soccer space.

Rush Soccer is the largest youth soccer club in the world and has a long and successful history providing regional, national and international playing opportunities in youth soccer. With Clubs in North America, South America, Europe and Asia – Rush Soccer provides partner Clubs with increased player development opportunities, improved infrastructure and access to coaches and industry experts across the globe.

Under the leadership of a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors and a professional training and coaching staff, STAR Rush has teams competing in the Development League, Cardinal Premier League, Buckeye Premier Youth Soccer League, Ohio Soccer State League and Great Lakes Alliance.

The praise of a STAR Rush parent speaks for itself. Says U10 parent Colleen Pfister:

“We joined STAR Rush because of the culture among coaches, players and families. Our family was looking for a competitive soccer team for our son with leadership that would develop each child in a way that encourages passion and skill building while keeping the sport fun!”

“Our son was nervous and unsure about playing with kids he didn't know, but the coaches and team welcomed him in and we never looked back. The coaches train technically, by explaining the how and the why of each skill, which has fostered a true understanding of the sport. They provide supplemental training resources for at home practice. Most importantly, they lead with respect for how the sport should be played,” she continues.

“STAR Rush offers a partnership between the coaches and players; they work together, win together, and learn from mistakes together while keeping the sport fun. Our son is a better player, a better teammate, and making lifelong friends being part of this amazing team.”

If your family is seeking a club that goes above and beyond to optimize player development, STAR Rush Soccer Club may be right for you. With expert coaching, holistic development, a player-centric philosophy, and clear pathways to success, we're here to support players on their soccer journey every step of the way. Join us today and unlock your soccer potential in an environment that fosters growth, camaraderie, and a lifelong passion for the beautiful game.

For more information about STAR Rush Cincinnati, visit and contact Executive Director Grant Leckie at or 513-515-0975.

Some Rush Soccer resources and programs…..


Rush Fest is an annual event held in mid-July that brings together U12 boys’ and girls’ teams and players from Rush clubs across the country and around the world. Rush Fest marks the transition from 9v9 to full-sided 11v11 games. The inaugural Rush Fest took place in 2008 with 12 teams, today over 48 teams are in attendance each year.

The week-long festival of soccer joins competitive games, training sessions, classroom sessions, and a host of social events in one of the most unique soccer events anywhere in the country. Teams compete against one another in morning games that are bracketed for similar abilities and afternoon training, including keeper-specific training, and classroom sessions run by top coaches from within the Rush family working with the players and team coaches.

The event has both an opening and closing ceremony that is often the highlight of the week as players get to hang out, dance, and sing Rush songs with players from across the Rush nation and fuse life-long friendships. We do not forget the adults either with a high-level coaching clinic for all coaches in attendance and a world-class parent education session.

The event is designed to give the players the most fun soccer experience of their life, with education, games, and memories they will never forget.


Rush Select is dedicated to providing unwavering support and motivation to the club’s most exceptional players. The program is specifically designed to offer personalized attention to top Rush Soccer athletes, empowering them to realize their dreams of becoming professional athletes or excelling at the highest collegiate level. The Rush Select program serves as a catalyst for players to reach their maximum potential and ascend to the highest tier of their abilities.


The College Advisory Program for Rush Soccer is an in-depth, EXCLUSIVE, player-focused program that gives Rush players support, services, and resources to maximize their success, whether they plan to play collegiate soccer or not. With over 11,000 high school players across the country, CAP is able to provide opportunities to be seen by college coaches that cannot be matched. All STAR Rush players receive FREE access to College Fit Finder and exclusive materials and support. Rush Soccer is the leader in youth soccer and the largest and most comprehensive College Advisory Program in the country!


Rush Soccer’s Train @ Home is an age-specific, fully free program that intends to offer complementary training to Rush players, to continue to improve ball skills, fitness, game understanding, and mental toughness, whether it is as a complement to on the field training or during off-season periods. Every cycle of the program is adapted to the current needs of the players.

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