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School of Ginga: Why futsal should be a part of your child's soccer development

If you're looking for a way to enhance your child's soccer skills and overall development, futsal is a game-changer that deserves your attention. Futsal, a 5v5 game played on a court, has gained recognition as the official small-sided game for soccer by FIFA. Its fast-paced nature, smaller spaces, and increased pressure provide young players with a range of benefits that can greatly contribute to their growth on the soccer field.

No one understands the significance of Futsal for young soccer players better than the team at School of Ginga. We interviewed Co-Founder and Coach Jon Caldwell, who discussed the history of Ginga and their successful integration of soccer into their futsal program. School of Ginga is a Premier OSMD Insider.*

Founded by former professional soccer players Derek Smith and Jon Caldwell, Ginga has been integrating futsal into its training program since its inception in 2010. The club has achieved remarkable success in a short span, winning multiple futsal and soccer championships, including two US Youth Futsal National Championships and a United Futsal World Championship.

“Futsal is a fast paced game that constantly places players in numbers up / numbers down scenarios,” explained Coach Caldwell. “Players gain more confidence under small spaces, more pressure, more skill needed, better ball control and creativity are many of the reasons why futsal helps in the development of soccer players (through futsal).”

However, Ginga takes even greater pride in the individual success stories of its players. Many have gone on to compete professionally in Major League Soccer (MLS) or collegiately in Division 1, 2, 3, and NAIA. Some have even been selected to represent the United States in soccer and futsal at the youth national team level. Ginga's partnership with FC Cincinnati further demonstrates the club's commitment to player development.

Benefits of Futsal for Young Soccer Players

Improved Ball Control: Futsal's smaller playing area requires players to have exceptional ball control skills. With less space to maneuver and opponents constantly closing in, players are forced to master precise touches, quick passes, and close ball control. These skills translate seamlessly to the outdoor soccer field, giving players an edge in tight situations and making them more comfortable with the ball at their feet.

Enhanced Passing Accuracy: Futsal's fast pace and limited space demand quick decision-making and precise passing. Players must constantly be aware of their surroundings and execute accurate passes to maintain possession and create scoring opportunities. The frequent repetition of passing situations in futsal hones players' passing abilities, allowing them to become more efficient and effective passers in traditional soccer.

Game Speed Decision-Making Skills: Futsal's quick transitions and constant pressure require players to think and react rapidly. They must make split-second decisions on when to pass, dribble, or shoot, which helps develop their game intelligence and decision-making skills. By playing futsal, young soccer players become more adept at assessing situations, anticipating movements, and executing the right actions in high-pressure game scenarios.

Futsal's impact on soccer is widely recognized by top professionals in the sport. Renowned players such as Messi, C. Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Pele, and Iniesta credit their success to the skills and creativity honed through futsal. Its ability to foster confidence, skill, joy, and passion in young players is unmatched.

So, if you're considering ways to elevate your child's soccer journey, incorporating futsal into their training regimen is a smart choice. The School of Ginga in Cincinnati has spearheaded a movement that has revolutionized youth soccer culture and development, enabling the next generation to play with skill, joy, passion, and confidence. Give your child the advantage they need to excel in soccer by embracing the transformative power of futsal.

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