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2021 Soccer Outlook: Columbus Eagles FC

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

If there is one thing we have learned in these past 3.5 years it’s that Columbus, Ohio IS a soccer town. And...when it comes to women’s soccer the passion is just as strong with the US Women’s National Team frequently passing through Columbus and Mapfre Stadium (the first soccer specific stadium built in the US) on their way to becoming World Cup and Olympic Champions for what amounts to decades. For little girls dreaming of a life of soccer Columbus offers pathways through incredible club programs and competitive high school and collegiate opportunities and beyond. Even providing professional soccer experiences with Columbus Eagles FC.

Earlier this year we reached out to Mark Wise, CEO of Columbus Eagles FC and he shared with us just a little bit of all we have to look forward to this year with “Our City's Women's Soccer Team". For those of you who don’t already follow Columbus Eagles they are Columbus’ Women's Team mostly composed of women that have completed their collegiate experience and want to continue their soccer career. “We compete in the Women's Premier Soccer League which is the oldest and largest women's soccer league in the world,” he explained. Many current NWSL players got their start in the WPSL. Wise added that “Our objective is to grow our organization to the point where we would be able to apply as an expansion team in the NWSL.”

Like so many of our kids this past year, due to Covid-19, the 2020 season for WPSL was cancelled leaving our Columbus Eagles FC without a season. This was a disappointment as they were on-track to have their best season ever both on the field and in attendance records. Looking forward to 2021and ready to get back to the business of playing soccer it's no surprise that when we asked what they are most excited for, the reply was enthusiastic, “we are excited and looking forward to competing in the WPSL this summer!”

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