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The Best in Ohio: Who has the best Kits?

Updated: Jun 26

Is it true, if you look good you feel good? If you feel good, you play better?

Over the past few years we have seen a trend of clubs going away from fancy kits to the predictable black and white home and away jerseys. But is there something to be said for a simple uniform? How does affordability, accessibility and and function play into the appeal of a good soccer kit?

We want to know your opinion which Ohio Club has the BEST Soccer uniforms?

Club with the Best Uniforms

  • Barcelona United SC

  • Beavercreek Soccer Association (BSA)

  • Blast FC

  • Butler Fury

*Poll closes July 31, 2024

Check back to see which kit comes out on top! Don't see your club? Contact us to learn how to join Ohio Soccer Moms and Dads.

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1 Comment

I know it'll be a huge task, but any way to put an image of each kit next to the name? Otherwise, votes will skew toward the most known entities!

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