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Trending Soccer Sales

Back in June we announced that we are working with a few brands and vendors in an affiliate capacity. This means Ohio Soccer Moms and Dads gets a small commission from purchases made through these links. Some of you have really taken advantage of the deals we found for you and so we wanted to share what is trending. To see all of the deals we have share you can visit this blog post for Deals and Sales for Soccer Moms and Dad.

This was the most popular item this past month and today it is on sale for $109.99 which is 27% off the list price. Quickplay is a reliable brand and this goal would be great for a backyard or any small sided play.

There are actually two soccer tennis options on this list. This was the most popular this month and I think the reason is because Kwik is well known. Right now this is $116 which is 20% off of list price.

If you know me, you know I love emergency preparedness so I was really happy to see this first aid pouch as the 3rd highest trending item for Ohio Soccer Moms and Dads. Its not on sale but this or another first aid kit is certainly good to have on hand.

We shared an entire page of backpacks last month and this one is the one my 8 year old actually picked out. Isn't it cute?

High School soccer must be in season because you all loved this foam roller.

This color is actually just $14.99

I know I post these all of the time but they are just a must have for your soccer bag. On sale right now for $18.21 and if you do subscribe and save they have an extra 25% off on these.

Just Wednesday I had to break out the old boot dryer my kid had practice in the pouring rain and a game Wednesday evening. He went to grab his boots and realized they were still wet. 60 minutes later viola! dry boots!

Here is the other soccer tennis net. This affordable option is not from a brand I know but it is 1/3 of the price of the Kwik option and has 4.5/5 stars on Amazon so it is definitely worth the try.

Last but certainly not least is the totes bubble umbrella. I still haven't bought one of these but I need to. I saw a couple of moms with them this week and I was so jealous.

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