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Creative Kids: Lincoln Justice, 10

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

While world leaders, parents and teachers have had to get creative in reacting to restraints put on us by the COVID-19 so have our coaches and kids. We've seen lots of coaches and trainers doing their part to keep player development going but its even more refreshing to see the kids engaged in their own training and fitness during this time.

Lincoln is a 10 year old from Hilliard, Ohio. You may have seen Lincoln before, he is a star ala playing for Columbus Futsal and a finishing phenom playing as a striker and forward for Club Ohio. Not ringing a bell? Well then maybe you saw the day he was recognized by Mayor Ginther at City Hall after representing the US on the US Futsal Youth National Team in Barcelona, Spain this fall.

Now, that Lincoln has a little down time he has been shooting, editing and producing tutorial videos for kids (and adults) looking to sharpen their skills during the "Stay at Home" order currently in Ohio. Lucky for us, Lincoln took the time today to sit down and answer a few questions.


CSMD: Hello Lincoln! Thank you for agreeing to this interview. We are excited to learn more about you. Let's get started with some basic information like what Soccer Club do you play for and what's your favorite position?

Lincoln: I play soccer for Club Ohio and I like to play a forward or striker position.

CSMD: What Futsal Club do you play for and what's your favorite Futsal Position?

Lincoln: I like to play ala for Columbus Futsal

CSMD: Who is your favorite soccer team?

Lincoln: Columbus Crew and FC Barcelona are my favorite teams.

CSMD: You seem like a very committed little footballer. How did you first become interested in soccer?

Lincoln: My dad showed me a video of Messi (my favorite player) making Jerome Boateng fall and I wanted to try that.

CSMD: Tell us a little bit about the past year and what you have been able to do through soccer and futsal?

Lincoln: For soccer, I’ve been able to travel to Niagara Falls and St. Louis for tournaments and I was also fortunate enough to play in the State Cup Final for the 2008 team. In Futsal I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Kansas City for National ID tryouts and I had the opportunity to travel to Barcelona to compete with the USYF National Team.

CSMD: How do you feel about the recent soccer shutdown due to COVID-19?

Lincoln: I’m bummed out because I was really looking forward to this soccer season with my teammates, but overall, it just feels really weird.

CSMD: What have your days been like while under the “Stay at Home” order in Ohio (what’s your daily routine?

Lincoln: I usually wake up and play FIFA, then I eat some breakfast and run to keep my fitness up. I also usually shoot, juggle and do other soccer stuff. I play with my sister and baby brother to pass the time, and then I do my tutorial videos...then play FIFA some more :-). I’ve also been playing a lot of ping pong.

CSMD: How did you get the idea for Lincoln’s Tutorials?

Lincoln: I saw lots of online videos being posted, especially from Dante (Garcia), and I thought it would be cool to have a kid do one so I tried it. I really enjoyed doing it and it helped me pass the time, so I decided to keep going.

CSMD: Have you had a lot of responses?

Lincoln: I’ve had a lot of people like the videos so far, which is pretty cool. I think I’m going to ask what move people want to learn next!

CSMD: What is the first thing you are going to do when the “Stay at Home” order is lifted?

Lincoln: I’m really excited to go back to school to see my friends, and I’m also looking forward to getting back to soccer practice

CSMD: Is there anything you want to say to other kids out there trying to cope without soccer these next few weeks?

Lincoln: I would say to try to do as much as you can at home, have fun with it, and the work will eventually pay off when we can get back on the field.

Thanks for sharing with us Lincoln! Keep up the good work!


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