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OSMD June Picks

This summer I have had the luxury of NOT being responsible for club carding or admin onboarding which has given me so much more time to explore new media, books, products and other soccerly things that I enjoy. Today I am going to share my top picks for the month of June which will include lots of links many if not all are affiliate links (meaning we will get a small commission on purchases made through the link) or they are paid sponsors of Ohio Soccer Moms and Dads. Regardless of the financial support from some of the brand mentioned below these are all based on my own opinion of the products, content or works.

1. Soccer Parenting Association: I highly recommend every soccer parent check out this resource and specifically the Sideline Project. This 2.5 Minute Video saved my relationship with my kids and I've gone back to watch it over and over again.

They also have blog posts and webinars to help soccer parents navigate the soccer world. The next one is tomorrow and you can register here.

We are actually a member of Soccer Parenting Association and we don't receive any compensation for recommending this content.

2. Fugees Family and Books By Luma Mufleh: June is Immigrant Heritage Month, Refugee Awareness Month and Pride Month. Which is just part of the reason why it makes sense to share this amazing organization and these books with you. Learning America is a book that tells the story of the inception of the Fugees Family (Started near Atlanta, Georgia but now headquartered in Columbus, Ohio) an organization using soccer as the foundation for educational adaptations that support newcomer students who have experienced war, poverty and trauma.

From Here is the coming-of-age memoir of Luma Mufleh which describes her journey as a gay Muslim woman and her journey to become a refugee living in America. This beautiful story intertwines Luma's experiences and the support she has received from her Fugees and soccer family.

Fugees Family and Luma Mufleh are not sponsors of OSMD but the links are affiliate links to Amazon if you choose to learn more about these titles and make an Amazon purchase we may receive a small commission.

3. Sudden Cardiac Awareness and Emergency Action Plans: A couple of years ago we started a relationship with The Matthew Mangine Jr. One Shot Foundation. And now we actually volunteer with them by teaching hands only CPR via the Take 10 program and providing clubs with a free emergency action plan template that that can be filled in and used by any organization.

If your club or high school team is interested in having our volunteers come out to present Take 10 for FREE we would be happy to discuss emergency preparedness with you and introduce hands only CPR. Email us at for more information.

4. Lux Grip Socks: Ok, I know grip socks are not a new thing but Lux Grip Socks really are different. They have a new style that forms to the whole foot better and doesn't wear out a quickly plus they have other sock products like sleeves. This is a brand that we proudly rep and a product I am suggesting to everyone.

5. Sunscreen for Soccer Moms: So, we all know that we should be wearing sunscreen ever day and that too much sun + pk shootouts will turn a soccer mom into a soccer granny in no time. I use this e.l.f. SKIN Suntouchable Whoa Glow with SPF 30 year round and its as good as a BB Cream and protects you from the sun. The link is for Amazon (which will give us a small commission) but you can also find it at Target.

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