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PFC Extreme: Making a Difference in the Lives of Young Athletes and Their Families

PFC Extreme is making a difference in the lives of young athletes and their families in Pataskala, Ohio.

Founded in 2004 by Wally Wolfe as an opportunity for local and surrounding players to continue their development as soccer players as well as young people. Current Club Director and U19 Boys Coach Leo Haley shared the club’s founding philosophy with us saying, “His goal was to emphasize sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect for teammates, opponents and officials.” Wally also recognized the value of healthy lifestyles, fair competition and striving to maintain an environment that is both fun and challenging. “As a club we continue to hold these values high within our coaches, players and parents,” added Coach Haley.


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Directors, coaches and parents set the standard for players through respectful communications, preparedness and maintaining a family-oriented culture. This culture rooted in mutual respect, community and family PFC Extreme sets itself apart in terms of its values and approach to coaching by prioritizing character development and well-roundedness. As Coach Steven Voigt (U9 Boys) explains, every practice has a plan in advance that focuses on developing technical skills, conditioning, situational proficiency, field and position strategy, and critical thinking. This approach not only improves players' soccer skills but also prepares them for real game situations. “You will be able to find good coaches in any system but some of my colleagues,” Voigt gushes, “are among the best soccer teachers and leaders I have seen.”

PFC Extreme impacts the lives of young athletes and their families in numerous positive ways. According to Melissa Sarver, a parent of a current PFC Extreme player, the club has had a significant impact on her son's life. Participating in PFC has improved his physical health, boosted his confidence, developed his social skills, taught him time management and goal setting, and imparted important life lessons such as perseverance, sportsmanship, and humility. Sarver explained that “He has learned how to handle wins and losses with grace, and how to bounce back from setbacks and challenges; skills that will be useful in all areas of life, not just soccer. Most importantly, the PFC team has helped to boost confidence in his abilities.” PFC Extreme not only focuses on developing young athletes' soccer skills but also helps them become well-rounded individuals with valuable life skills.

Player development and skill-building are approached through a positive and supportive team culture at PFC Extreme. Drew Hartley, who coaches both boys and girls in the club, shared that the focus is on building an inclusive team with a competitive atmosphere. Players treat every training like a game, creating a fast-paced environment and demonstrating the player’s commitment to each other, that helps them develop at a faster pace. Hartley shared that “We have a family atmosphere on our teams which allows kids to feel comfortable at training. The great families we have at PFC help drive an amazing culture and push the players to be better every season.”

One of the club's most beloved events is the PFC Big Sister program, where older girls on a team act as coaches and mentors to younger girls on another team. This program not only helps develop leadership skills in older players but also builds a bond between teams and players, creating a positive and supportive team culture across the entire club. PFC's focus on team culture, inclusivity, and mentorship highlights the club's commitment to the holistic development of its players both on and off the field. Coach Hartley Shared “Our 2010 girls team ran a training session for our 2013 girls’ team and attended one of their games. It was great to see the older girls in a coach/mentor role and it amazed me to watch the bond grow between the two teams. I believe activities like this really help create an amazing culture for the entire club!”

A notable difference at PFC from most other clubs in the area is that the club also believes in allowing players to play multiple sports, which can result in missed training sessions. However, PFC works with these players to develop individual plans and often has them attend training with another PFC team. This approach shows that the club values the overall development of its players and understands that each player's needs are unique.

PFC Extreme's community partnerships and collaborations have proven to be beneficial to the club and its athletes. By working closely with the City of Pataskala and the local community, the club is able to create better opportunities for its players. The partnership includes field improvements, soccer camps, and other volunteer initiatives that benefit youth in the area. This kind of collaboration helps to create a more robust soccer culture in the region and ensures that young athletes have access to resources that will help them improve their skills and reach their goals. Club Director Haley explains that “We want any young athlete that comes through the recreation program to have multiple avenues to explore with soccer depending on their individual desires or goals. That includes extended recreation leagues, MSSA, HSSA or our Club.” Demonstrating a true partnership mentality coming from the Pataskala soccer community and leadership.

The inclusive and supportive environment created by PFC Extreme can serve as a model for other communities and youth sports organizations. By prioritizing character development, teamwork, and sportsmanship, the club is able to foster a positive culture that benefits both athletes and their families. The club's approach to building an inclusive team with a competitive atmosphere and a family atmosphere on its teams provides a supportive environment where kids feel comfortable to grow and learn. The strength of the relationship and collaboration between the city and the club is an excellent example of how working together can benefit the community as a whole and inspire others to follow suit.

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