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The Best in Ohio: Best Fields after Rain

EDITED POST: The votes are in for the Best Fields in Ohio after Rain. Due to a little glitch on our end we had to shut down this poll early. When creating another poll I accidently disabled the original poll making it so no additional votes could be added. But we do have the votes from the first week of voting and here are the results!

Ohio Premier took the top prize with more than 50% of the votes followed by Darree Fields in Dublin and Voice of America in West Chester.


Thank you to everyone who voted in our last two polls. If you haven't voted yet you can vote on your favorite uniforms and facilities with the best parking until July 31. Today we are going to look at the best fields after rain.

We've all been there before, packed up the kids and driven halfway across the state for a tournaments just to get the text in the morning that last nights rain flooded the fields and your tournament is canceled. Pack up the kids, you're going home with some disappointed kids and a lot of wasted time. Even when you do get your games in on some wet fields your car becomes a muddy mess and those white uniforms become permanently grey.

Today, we want to know in your experience which facilities hold up best to the rain! When your games are scheduled there you know you are going to play!

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