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Think ahead for winter training!

I am the biggest proponent of Winter Training. My sons have always seen the most gains in their technical skills between November and February and I give 90% of the credit to the small space/technical work they do in winter training and the other 10% I would say is maturity and physical growth. We are very lucky here in Ohio to have so many winter training options and to help you narrow down your search we’ve collaborated with our OSMD Insiders* to put together a list of great opportunities for winter training throughout Central and Southern Ohio.

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When it comes to winter training I have a few important tips!

  1. Plan ahead! Many winter training programs fill up weeks in advance. My oldest son is scheduled to train in an "invitation only" training program that doesn't start until December and sold out in September. Training groups are typically small so there isn't a lot of space - you will NEED to register early.

  2. Take advantage of your club's winter training. Its important to keep that continuity of style of play and building relationships with teammates. Even better if its included in your annual fees.

  3. Add in other voices. I love supplemental training because it teaches players new things, gives them another coaching voice and can be a safe place to try new things without the fear of making mistakes in front of "my coach".

  4. Don't over program. Our players are so over programmed, its okay to say no to something extra if it just doesn't fit into your schedule. I am promising you, if you think you are going to be able to go from two futsal games in the morning to a basketball game at 1:00 and still make it to winter training at 5:00 you are not. You might get 1-2 weeks of meeting this schedule but by week 3 your player will be exhausted and you will be exhausted and something will have to give.

  5. Budget accordingly. Winter programs can quickly add up. Take into account not just the training fees but the cost of gas (how far are you driving for training?), if there are additional facility fees AND if there are additional uniform costs.

Quick Touch Soccer Development (QTSD™) is a club-neutral, professionally licensed soccer training company located in Central Ohio. QTSD™ specific training curriculum and philsophphy is focused on developing QUICK, CREATIVE, & CONFIDENT soccer players & teams. Period.

QTSD™ offers multiple training formats year-round including:

  • “1-on-1” Private Training

  • The QTSD™ Academy (weekly small group training)

  • Advanced Team Training

  • Club & High School Pre-Season Camps

  • Summer Camps and much more!

Each QTSD™ training session with the highly experienced & licensed QTSD™ Coaching Team will help player’s develop; both on and off the soccer field!

PRIDE SC Winter Training (Canal Winchester/Lithopolis)

The PRIDE SC Winter Training Programs are designed to help develop and maintain the individual technical abilities, decision making skills and physical fitness of players during the winter. The “Team” programs are open only to PRIDE SC players, while the Juniors, Fitness/Speed and Goalkeeper Programs are open to any player, recreational or club, regardless of affiliation. Each session will be planned by a PSC director or coach based on the PSC winter curriculum and the needs of the group or team. Deadline to register is October 29.

Club Ohio Friday and Sunday Fun Days (Dublin and Columbus East)

Open to the public, Club Ohio will have supplemental training programs on Fridays in Dublin and Sunday’s on the East side of Columbus. There will be technical skills sessions, box training, speed and agility, small-sided tactical games, and more. Check out for more information in mid-October. Programs run from November to March.

Fulcrum Fives’ Small Group Trainings (ages 5 to 11) will be ideal for players with over a year of

experience looking to sharpen their skills, bolster their passion for the game and continue to play regularly over the Winter. It also serves as an ideal program for players looking to transition from recreational soccer to select soccer. Fulcrum Fives will have sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s depending on your preference in the 5pm to 8pm range. Each player will play 1x/week. Discounts available for pre-formed groups/teams of 8 or more. Sessions are led by Fulcrum Staff.

The RAC offers youth soccer training for individuals, small groups, and specialty camps.

Resolute Soccer Futures: A six week developmental program designed for players ages 5 to 9. Weekly November 5-December 17 on Saturdays between 8:00 am and 12:00 pm.

Winter Soccer Camp: Four days of Technical/Tactical development for ages 8-15.

Other OSMD Insiders who have winter training include Locker Soccer Academy, SP Academy, Columbus Goalkeeper Academy, and Barcelona United.

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