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CPR/AEDs Saves Lives.

Updated: Feb 17

Around 10:00 this morning I received a text from Kevin Landers of 10TV asking me if I could be available for an interview revisiting the topic of AEDs. I made a quick call to our friends at Resolute Athletic Association (an OSMD Insider) asking if we could do the interview in their facility and round up my 4 youngest kids who were still in jammies and headed toward Easton.

In the Summer of 2021 I made my rounds in local TV News sharing my desire to have more AEDs available on soccer fields specifically but really all athletic facilities. You can watch my last interview with Kevin Landers here. After Christian Erikson’s Sudden Cardiac Arrest at the Euros I was inspired to get more AEDs on soccer fields. You can read that article here.

I reached out to my Ohio Representative Richard Brown. He had his staff jump on the project right away. After several conversations and lots of research Representative Brown presented a bi-partisan bill with cosponsors from around the state. This bill would tighten up existing legislation, requiring AEDs in public and charter schools as well as requiring more CPR & AED education, more requirements for athletic associations to provide parent education and emergency action plan requirements.

I met with Kevin this morning and showed him my AED. I bought one myself, mainly because the club and training center where my son had been playing refused to do it. By acquiring my own AED I can without doubt guarantee that an AED is on every field I am on. I referee, I coach, I’m a soccer mom and every player, coach, parent and referee sharing a field with us will have access to an AED. You can view today’s interview here. I think it was important that we did the interview at Resolute, in 2021 an AED had to be used in their facility, saving a young athlete's life.

Ohio House Bill 426 (now it is HB 47) did not progress in 2022, some of the opposition to the bill includes cost. My kids and your kids are worth more to me than the $2000 cost of an AED. My kids and your kids are worth more to me than the $150 for CPR and AED training. I hope this is a complete waste of money. I hope I never have to use any of it. The legislation will be reintroduced this year and maybe other Soccer Moms and Dads will reach out to their legislators with their opinion on the bill.

But, really I think it is up to us. It's up to you and me. Soccer is a team sport. We are all on the same team wanting the same things for our kids; safety, health and happiness. If you want an AED on your sidelines you are going to have to get with your fellow soccer moms and dads and make it happen.

  1. collect the money $150/player will get you there

  2. talk to your local fire department

  3. find sponsors

  4. reach out to your local governments, parks and rec and tell them

In the meantime we will be hosting a CPR and AED training at Resolute Athletic Center, the cost will be about $150 per participant. Our plan is to have the training on a Friday in January or February of 2023.


Thank you Douglas Performance Training for letting us crash your training session, Resolute Athletic Center for always being so generous with your space and accommodating whether its a collection station for donations, a world cup watch party or letting me bring in a news reporter with 40 minutes notice you are always a hospitable town square for local soccer. Also, thank you Representative Brown for supporting your constituents, always answering a call or responding to a message. And thank you 10TV for continuing to follow and push this important story.

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1 Comment

Jan 04, 2023

Cincy SC simply asked our families for help and raised over $9000 very quickly for our AED initiative. We now have 5 AEDs located strategically and travelling with coaches to fields, have trained our staff on how to respond to a sudden cardiac arrest, and documented our Emergency Action Plan (US Soccer was a great resource).

You can do it too!

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